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City Survey

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Since 1996, the Controller's Office has implemented the City Survey, a biennial study of residents' perceptions of the quality of select City services and other community issues. The Controller's Office has conducted the study in part to fulfill its obligation under the City Charter to monitor the level and effectiveness of City services.

A survey of a random, representative sample of San Francisco residents, the City Survey covers services that are experienced by most residents, including streets and sidewalks, parks, libraries, public transportation, and public safety. It also covers community issues such as those related to children and youth and technology.

The City Survey provides high-level indication of residents' satisfaction with City government's overall performance as well as satisfaction with specific services. It excludes some major City services, such as social and health services, which the City can better assess through targeted surveys and measurement of more specific client populations. The data collected through the survey is a very valuable tool for City departments to use in planning and evaluating their services.

City Survey Final Reports

The City Survey 2013 Final Report, including findings and survey materials, can be found at: http://openbook.sfgov.org/webreports/details3.aspx?id=1572

The 2013 City Survey cross-tabulations document displays break-downs for each survey question by additional factors beyond the basic demographic and district results provided in the report. This document can be found at: http://openbook.sfgov.org/webreports/details3.aspx?id=1584

Previous City Survey reports can be found on the Controller's Office website:

For copies of reports prior to 2004, please contact the City Services Auditor Division at [email protected] or 415-554-7463.

1996-2013 City Survey Database 

The cross-year data file of City Survey responses from 1996-2013 can be found at http://openbook.sfgov.org/webreports/details3.aspx?id=1573  and on data.sfgov.org. This file includes both the cross-year dataset and the cross-year data dictionary.

For more information regarding the City Survey, contact the City Services Auditor Division at [email protected] or 415-554-7463.
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